With broad training in both quantitative psychology and statistics and years of experience in educational measurement, my research interests span multiple disciplines, crossing theoretical advances with practical applications.

I am primarily interested in methodological issues in psychometrics, with latent variable modeling, latent class analysis, and mixed-effects models being the main focus of my current quantitative research program.

Empirically, I am interested in the assessment, treatment, and etiology of pathological gambling and psychological disorders in general. I also have empirical interests large scale and formative educational testing. My recent work has been to integrate methodological research into avenues for harnessing the information in big data.

Currently, I have many projects ongoing in a broad set of research areas including:

  • Educational Measurement
  • Diagnostic Assessment/Cognitive Diagnosis
  • Estimation and Optimization
  • Sports Forecasting
  • Latent Variable Models
  • Bayesian Statistics

The pages in this portion of my website are meant to help better disseminate the work I have done.

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