Longitudinal Data Analysis Workshop: Summer 2013 (UGA)

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Multilevel models are widely used statistical methods with names such as hierarchical linear models and random or mixed effects models. This workshop presents an introduction to multilevel models featuring their use in longitudinal analyses. By attending the workshop, participants gain a basic understanding of the modeling approach and will be able to conduct basic longitudinal analyses. Topics include analyses for basic repeated measures data, analysis of growth curves, within-person fluctuation, and simultaneous prediction of multiple sources of variation. The course will feature example handouts and syntax from SAS.

Overall Course Files
Syllabus:Syllabus Link
Zipped Folder of All FilesZipped Folder Link
Schedule of Topics
Topic (Comments Page Link)Lecture SlidesSAS SyntaxSAS DataLecture Video
Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
The General Linear Model (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesSAS SyntaxLecture Video
Centering PredictorsLecture slidesSAS SyntaxLecture Video
Lecture Video
Statistical Distribution Assumptions of GLMs (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
Modeling Multivariate Outcomes: Repeated Measures Analyses (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesSAS SyntaxLecture Video
Introduction to Random Effects (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
Describing Change via Linear Trends (UGA, 2013)Lecture slides
Describing Nonlinear Change Over Time (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
Time-Invariant Predictors in Longitudinal Models (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
Time-Varying Predictors in Longitudinal Models (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesLecture Video
Longitudinal Data Analysis with MLM, Running Example (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesSAS SyntaxSAS Data
Longitudinal Data Analysis with MLM, Final Example (UGA, 2013)Lecture slidesSAS SyntaxSAS DataLecture Video

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