Item Response Theory Workshop: Summer 2015 (ICPSR)

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Item Response Theory:
Methods for the Analysis of Discrete Survey Response Data

ICPSR Summer Workshop at the University of Michigan
June 29, 2015 – July 3, 2015

Presented by:

Dr. Jonathan Templin
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Kansas

Course Overview

Item Response Theory (IRT) is used in a number of disciplines including sociology, political science, psychology, human development, business, and communications, as well as in education where it began as a method for the analysis of educational tests.  More broadly, IRT is useful in the development and analysis of survey measures where item responses are in the form of discrete categories. This course is geared to individuals who are interested in the foundations and applications of item response models as tools for measurement of latent traits across disciplines. The course is designed to acquaint students with the basics of the field of item response theory (IRT).

This course will begin with presentation of popular item response models, their estimation, and interpretation, and then continue reinforcing these lessons throughout the week with numerous examples and applications using data from different disciplines (including political science, education, and psychology). Additional topics include test equating, test development with IRT, differential item functioning, and computerized adaptive testing. The course will be focused on accessibility, with technical detail presented only when necessary for responsible application of the methods and techniques discussed. Participants should be familiar with basic statistical models (e.g., ANOVA and regression) and basic psychometrics (e.g., classical test theory), but no prior experience with item response or other psychometric models is assumed.

The course will utilize software developed for estimation of general latent variable models (Mplus). In addition to a course packet, you will have electronic access to all course materials, including overhead slides, analysis scripts, output files, relevant supporting documentation, and recommended readings.

Overall Course Files
All Files ZIPZipped Folder
Schedule of Topics
DateLecture SlidesAdditional Materials
Monday, June 29thHistorical Perspectives and Basic Statistical Prerequisites
Basic IRT Concepts, Models, and AssumptionsIRT Excel Example
Lab Activity: Introduction to Mplus Software for IRTZipped Folder of Files
Tuesday, June 30thModel Specifications and Scale Characteristics
IRT Models for Polytomous Response DataGraded Response Model Excel Example

Partial Credit Model Excel Example

Nominal Response Model Excel Example
Estimation of Item Response Models
Assessment of Model Fit
Lab Activity: Polytomous IRT Models Zipped Folder of Files
Wednesday, July 1st Latent Trait Reliability Information Functions Excel Example
Test Development with IRT
Computerized Adaptive Testing
Lab Activity: Test ConstructionZipped Folder of Files
Thursday, July 2nd Equating
Differential Item Functioning

Invariance Testing Slides
Lab Activity: EquatingZipped Folder of Files

DIF Example: Zipped Folder of Files
Friday, July 3rd Multidimensional IRT
Diagnostic Classification Models
Comparing IRT with Other Models

SEM slides
SEM Example: Zipped Folder of Files

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