Multivariate Analysis, Spring 2014 (KU)

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Spring 2014 Psychology and Research in Education 905

Course Information

Course InformationInstructorTeaching Assistant
Name:Jonathan TemplinSusan Connolly Gillmor
Office:614 JRP644 JRP
Office Hours:Thursdays 2pm-5pm (unless otherwise noted in schedule) or by appointmentWednesdays 2pm-4pm or by appointment

Course Materials

Syllabus:Syllabus (Updated 1/20/2014)
Project Description:Project Description (Updated 1/20/2014)

Helpful R Links and Resources

Books: R for Data Science (Grolemund and Wickham, 2015)
R for SAS and SPSS Users by Muenchen (2007)
An introduction to R by Venables et al. (2013)
aRrgh: a newcomer's (angry) guide to R
DataCamp Introduction to R
Cookbook for R
Quick References:Reference Card #1 (various authors, noted on card)
Reference Card #2 (various authors, noted on card)

Tentative Schedule of  Course Topics

WeekDateTopic Post (Includes Videos, Slides, Syntax, and Data Files)Homework AssignmentReadings
11/21/2014Introduction and Overview; Review of the General Linear Model; Descriptions of VariabilityHomework #1: Due Friday 1/31 at 11:59pmMaxwell & Delaney (2004) Appendix B
21/28/2014Introduction to R and R StudioHomework #2 Due Friday, 2/14 at 11:59pmVenables et al. (2013)
32/4/2014KU Snow DayStay home and avoid the weather!
42/11/2014Simple, Marginal, and Interaction Effects in General Linear Models PROJECT PART 1 DUE: Friday, 2/14 at 11:59pm

Homework #3 : Due Friday 2/21 at 11:59pm
Hoffman (in preparation) ch. 2
52/18/2014Distributions and Estimation, Part 1 Homework #4 : Due Friday 2/28 at 11:59pmKutner et al. (2005), ch. 1, Appendix A;
62/25/2014Maximum Likelihood EstimationHomework #5: Due Friday 3/7 at 11:59pmEnders (2010) ch. 3
Note: Jonathan's Office Hours are By Appointment Only This Week
73/4/2014Introduction to Generalized Univariate Models: Models for Binary OutcomesNo Homework Assigned -- Catch-up TimeAzen & Walker (2011) chs. 2 & 6
83/11/2014Matrix Algebra and the Multivariate Normal Distribution No Homework Assigned -- More Catch-up TimeJohnson & Wichern (2002), chs. 2, 3, & 4
93/18/2014No Class: Spring Break
103/25/2014Maximum Likelihood for Multivariate Outcomes; Empty Multivariate ModelsHomework #6 : Due Friday 4/11 at 11:59pm
Note: Jonathan's Office Hours are By Appointment Only This Week
114/1/2014No Class or Jonathan's Office Hours: AERA/NCME ConferencesPROJECT PART 2 DUE: Friday, 4/3 at 11:59pm
124/8/2014Multivariate Models with PredictorsNoneKline (2005), chs. 5 & 6
134/15/2014Introduction to Path Analysis (PRE 905, Spring 2014)NoneMacKinnon (2008), ch. 6
144/22/2014Missing Data NoneEnders (2010), chs. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
154/29/2014NO CLASSPROJECT PART 3 (Optional Draft) DUE: Thursday, 5/1 at 11:59pm
165/6/2014Principal Components Analysis and Exploratory Factor AnalysisNoneJohnson & Wichern (2002), chs. 8, 9
175/13/2014No Class: Finals WeekPROJECT PART 3 DUE: Tuesday, 5/13 at 11:59pm



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