Multivariate Statistics

I have taught several semester-long classes on multivariate statistics. Courses starting in Fall 2011 featured a newly created syllabus and course topics list meant to modernize much of the material taught in the course. Each course webpage lists the materials used for each.

YearSemesterUniversityPage Link
2016SpringUniversity of KansasMultivariate Analysis, Spring 2016 (KU)
2014SpringUniversity of KansasMultivariate Analysis, Spring 2014 (KU)
2013FallUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnFundamentals of Multivariate Modeling, Fall 2013 (UNL)
2012FallUniversity of GeorgiaMultivariate Statistics Workshop: Summer 2012 (UGA)
2012FallUniversity of Nebraska-LincolnFundamentals of Multivariate Modeling, Fall 2012 (UNL)
2011FallUniversity of GeorgiaMultivariate Methods in Education, Fall 2011 (UGA)
2011SummerUniversity of Michigan: ICPSRAdvanced Multivariate Statistical Methods, Summer 2011 (ICPSR)
2005FallUniversity of KansasMultivariate Statistical Methods: Fall 2005 (KU)