Academic Courses

I have taught a large number of different academic courses in my career. This page lists the subjects the of courses I have taught, some of which multiple times. From the links in the table below, each specific course and its accompanying material can be found.

Course TitleGeneral Topic AreaPage Link
Structural Equation ModelingPsychometricsStructural Equation Modeling
Diagnostic Classification ModelsPsychometricsDiagnostic Classification Models
Test TheoryPsychometricsTest Theory
Analysis of VarianceApplied StatisticsAnalysis of Variance
Linear RegressionApplied StatisticsLinear Regression
Multivariate StatisticsApplied StatisticsMultivariate Statistics
General Linear ModelsApplied StatisticsGeneral Linear Models
Clustering and ClassificationApplied StatisticsClustering and Classification
Multilevel ModelsApplied StatisticsMultilevel Models

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