Diagnostic Classification Model (DCM) Presentations

Selected DCM Presentations

TitleDate (Year-Month)VenueTopic Area
Answering the Psychometric Challenges of Measuring Student Progress Longitudinally through Interim, Formative, and Summative Assessment2012-04National Council on Measurement in EducationMultidimensionality
Diagnostic Classification Models: Psychometric Issues and Statistical Challenges2011-10University of South Carolina: Department of Statistics ColloquiumGeneral Theory
Conceptual Foundations of Diagnostic Measurement2011-09Interdisciplinary Conference on Assessment in K-12 Mathematics: Collaborations between Mathematics Education and PsychometricsGeneral Theory
A Hypothesis Test for Attribute Hierarchies in Diagnostic Classification Models2011-04National Council on Measurement in EducationModels
Diagnostic Measurement: Methods for the Reliable Assessment of Multiple Abilities or Traits2010-04Georgia State UniversityGeneral Theory
Extracting Diagnostic Information From Existing Large Scale Tests2009-12Georgia Institute of Technology ColloquiumModels
Diagnostic Classification Models2009-08Diagnosing Teachers' Multiplicative Reasoning Advisory Committee MeetingGeneral Theory
On the Origin of Species: The Evolution of Diagnostic Modeling Within the Psychometric Taxonomy2009-07Psychometric SocietyGeneral Theory
Classification-Based Psychological Measurement Via Confirmatory Mixture Models2009-06Classification Society of North AmericaGeneral Theory
Quantifying Reliability in Diagnostic Classification Models2009-04National Council on Measurement in EducationReliability
Estimating a Family of Diagnostic Classification Models with Mplus2009-04American Educational Research AssociationEstimation
Cognitive Diagnosis Models for Nominal Response Data2008-03National Council on Measurement in EducationModels
Understanding the Impact of Skill Acquisition: Relating Diagnostic Assessments to Measurable Outcomes2008-03American Educational Research AssociationApplications
Assessing Cognitive Diagnosis Model Fit Using Limited Information Methods2007-10International Conference on Advances in Interdisciplinary Statistics and CombinatoricsModel Fit
Extending Cognitive Diagnosis Models to Evaluate the Validity of DSM Criteria for the Diagnosis of Pathological Gambling2007-09Georgia Institute of Technology ColloquiumApplications
Searching for Cognitive Structure in Kansas2007-04National Council on Measurement in EducationApplications
Contrasting Parameterizations of the Proficiency Space in Models for Skills Assessment2007-04National Council on Measurement in EducationStructural Models
Using Models for Cognitive Diagnosis in Formative Settings: Evaluating a Third Grade Science Benchmark Test2007-01University of Georgia ColloquiumApplications
Cognitive Diagnosis: Concepts and Common Models2006-11University of Kansas ColloquiumGeneral Theory
The Random Effects Reparameterized Unified Model: A Constrained Finite Mixture Model for Skills Diagnosis and Psychological Assessment2006-06Psychometric SocietyModels
A Bayesian method for Incorporating Uncertainty into Q-matrix Estimation in Skills Assessment2006-04National Council on Measurement in EducationExploratory Models
Using Cognitive Diagnosis Models for the Measurement and Evaluation of Pathological Gambling2006-02New Directions in Psychological Measurement with Model-Based ApproachesApplications
Practical Adaptations of Cognitive Diagnosis Models2006-02University of North Carolina at Greensboro ColloquiumModel Development
Cross-Cultural Measurement of Skill Propensities Using Models for Cognitive Diagnosis2005-02University of Miami ColloquiumApplications
Measurement of Psychological Disorders Using Cognitive Diagnosis Models2005-01University of Kansas ColloquiumApplications
Incorporating Subjective Probability into the Design and Development of Cognitively Diagnostic Tests2004-11Society for Judgment and Decision MakingExploratory Models
Using Cognitive Diagnosis Models to Analyze and Diagnose Psychological Disorders2004-09University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ColloquiumApplications
Generalized Linear Mixed Proficiency Models for Cognitive Diagnosis2004-08University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ColloquiumModels
Estimation of the Reparameterized Unified Model Using MCMC2004-02University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ColloquiumEstimation

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