Peer Reviewed Papers

Peer Reviewed Papers

Paper TitleAuthorsJournal YearTopic Area
Combining Item Response Theory and Diagnostic Classification Models: A Psychometric Model for Scaling Ability and Diagnosing MisconceptionsBradshaw, L. & Templin, J.Psychometrikain pressDiagnostic Classification Models
Do Self-Control Depletion and Negative Emotion Contribute to Intimate Partner Aggression? A Lab-Based StudyWatkins, L. E., DiLillo, D., Hoffman, L., & Templin, JPsychology of Violencein pressMissing Data
Measuring the Reliability of Diagnostic Classification Model Examinee EstimatesTemplin, J., & Bradshaw, L.Journal of Classification2013Diagnostic Classification Models
Obtaining Diagnostic Classification Model Estimates Using MplusTemplin, J., & Hoffman, L.Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice2013Diagnostic Classification Models
Linking Outcomes from Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test Forms using Item Response ModelsHoffman, L., Templin, J., & Rice, M.Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research2012Item Response Theory
Spurious Latent Classes in the Mixture Rasch ModelAlexeev, N., Templin, J., & Cohen, A.Journal of Educational Measurement2011Mixture Models
Defining a Family of Cognitive Diagnosis Models Using Log Linear Models with Latent VariablesHenson, R., Templin, J., & Willse, J.Psychometrika2009Diagnostic Classification Models
Are the Sources of Interest the Same for Everyone? Using Multilevel Mixture Models to Explore Individual Differences in Appraisal StructuresSylvia, P., Henson, R., & Templin, J.Cognition and Emotion2009Mixture Models
The (Un)usual Suspects? A Community in Search of its IdentityRupp, A., & Templin, J.Measurement2009Diagnostic Classification Models
Unique Characteristics of Diagnostic Models: a Review of the Current State-of-the-ArtRupp, A., & Templin, J.Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives2008Diagnostic Classification Models
Robustness of Unidimensional Hierarchical Modeling of Discrete Attribute Association in Cognitive Diagnosis Models.Templin, J., Henson, R., Templin, S., & Roussos, L.Applied Psychological Measurement2008Diagnostic Classification Models
The Effects of Q-matrix Misspecification on Parameter Estimates and Misclassification Rates in the DINA ModelRupp, A., & Templin, J.Educational and Psychological Measurement2008Diagnostic Classification Models
Fibromyalgia: the Role of Sleep in Affect and in Negative Event Reactivity and RecoveryHamilton, N., A., Affleck, G., Tennen, H., Karlson, C., Luxton, D., Preacher, K. J., & Templin, J.Health Psychology2008Multilevel Models
Using Efficient Model Based Sum-Scores for Conducting Skills DiagnosesHenson, R., Templin, J., & Douglas, J.Journal of Educational Measurement2007Diagnostic Classification Models
Skills Diagnosis Using IRT-Based Latent Class ModelsRoussos, L., Templin, J., & Henson, R.Journal of Educational Measurement2007Diagnostic Classification Models
Measurement of Psychological Disorders Using Cognitive Diagnosis ModelsTemplin, J., & Henson, R.Psychological Methods2006Diagnostic Classification Models
Androgens and estrogens mediate the effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on cognition in post-menopausal womenHirshman, E., Meritt, P., Wang, C. C. L., Wierman, M., Budescu, D. V., Kohrt, W., Templin, J., & Bhasin, S.Hormones and Behavior2004Multilevel Models

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