Overview of Diagnostic Classification Models

Diagnostic Testing: Week 2 Materials and Assignment

Assignment (Please Complete Before Next Class)
  1. Read Rupp, Templin, and Henson (2010): Chapters 1 and 3.
  2. Read Templin, Bradshaw, and Paek (in press).
  3. Watch out-of-class lecture videos below.
  4. Download and install FlexMIRT (see my email to you for more instructions).
Out-of-Class Lecture Slides
Lecture #2
Out-of-Class Lecture Videos:
Lecture #2, Part #1
Lecture #2, Part #2
Lecture #2, Part #3
In-Class Lecture Slides:
  1. In-class lecture and discussion slides
  2. Templin, Kingston, and Wang (2011, October) : Background for data analysis project.
In-Class Lecture Videos:
  1. In-class Lecture, Part 1
  2. In-class Lecture, Part 2 (note: only two lectures are posted as my recorder would not start during class)