Multivariate Statistics Workshop: Summer 2012 (UGA)

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Advanced Multivariate Statistical Models
Summer, 2012: University of Georgia
Course Documents
Zipped Folder of All Materials
Day 1 Lecture Slides
Day 2 Lecture Slides
Day 3 Lecture Slides
Lecture Slides and Example Files
1Introduction to Matrix Algebra and Principal Components AnalysisSlidesZipped Folder of Files
2Univariate and Multivariate Statistical DistributionsSlidesZipped Folder of Files
3Univariate Linear Models (with Matrices) Repeated Measures ANOVA/GLM Multivariate ANOVA/GLMSlidesZipped Folder of Files
4Missing Data Methods (Part I): Multiple ImputationSlidesZipped Folder of Files
5Maximum Likelihood EstimationSlidesZipped Folder of Files
6Repeated Measures ANOVA/GLM Multivariate ANOVA/GLM in PROC MIXEDSlidesZipped Folder of Files
7Introduction to Multilevel ModelsSlidesZipped Folder of Files
8Introduction to Longitudinal ModelsSlidesZipped Folder of Files
9Confirmatory Factor AnalysisSlidesZipped Folder of Files
10Exploratory Factor Analysis (and Principal Components Analysis)-and- Conducting Exploratory Analyses with CFASlidesZipped Folder of Files