Homework #6 (PRE 905, Spring 2014)

Homework Page for Homework Assignment #6 of PRE 905: Multivariate Analysis

Homework #6 (Total 10 Points)
Due: Friday, April 11, 2014 at 11:59pm

Submission Instructions:

All homework and final answers must be your own and not be copied or paraphrased from anyone else’s answers. Homework must be submitted via email (jtemplin@ku.edu) in the form of Microsoft Word document with the name: 905_FirstLast_HW#.docx. Late homework will have a penalty of 5 points regardless of the day it was submitted. To be eligible for revision, 75% of the answers must be attempted. The penalty points are not able to be made up upon revision.

Please note this change in the late homework policy is in order to allow those who have submitted their homework to see the revisions sooner than otherwise.

Please use the comment feature below to submit questions regarding this homework