About Me

About Me
I am an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I joined the faculty in Fall 2012. From 2007-2012, I was on the faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology at The University of Georgia, where I was a tenured associate professor in the Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics program.

My research interests are focused on the development of psychometric and general quantitative methods, as applied in the psychological, educational, and social sciences. I teach courses on advanced quantitative methodology with an emphasis on statistical/psychometric modeling, model estimation, and the integration and generalities of popular statistical and psychometric techniques.

The main focus of my research has been on the development of diagnostic classification models (DCMs). DCMs are psychometric models with categorical latent variables that are used to provide multidimensional feedback from tests and surveys. I am a coauthor of the book Diagnostic Measurement: Theory Methods and Practice, describes the theory behind DCMs and how to implement DCMs in research and large scale testing programs.

More information about the book can be found at the book’s website:

The book won the 2012 American Educational Research Association Division D Award for Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology.

I am currently involved as a collaborator on the Dynamic Learning Maps project that seeks to change how large-scale testing is conducted.

In Fall 2013, I am teaching a course on modern multivariate statistical techniques:

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I recently discussed my teaching philosophy and methods for the University of Georgia College of Education Innovation 20/20 series:

I am member of several scientific journal editorial boards:

I am also active in scientific and professional societies:

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