DCM Workshop: Spring 2012 (NCME)

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Diagnostic Measurement: Theory, Methods, and Applications
National Council on Measurement in Education Conference, April 2012
Instructors:Dr. Laine BradshawDr. Jonathan Templin
Email: laineb@uga.edu jtemplin@uga.edu
Time:Thursday, 4/12/2013, 8am-5pmLocation:Vancouver Hyatt: Georgia Room
Schedule of Course Topics
SectionTimeCourse Materials
18:00-9:30Conceptual Foundations of Diagnostic Measurement
Section #1 Slides
29:45-11:30Theoretical Framework for DCMs
Section #2 Slides
312:45-2:30DCMs in Practice
Section #3 Slides
Section #3 Handout #1
Section #3 Handout #2
Mplus Analysis Syntax #1
Mplus Analysis Output #1
SAS Macro File (save to disk as is)
SAS Macro Example File (edit to your analysis specifications)
All SAS Files from Example (Zipped Folder)
42:45-3:45DCM Structural Models
Section #4 Slides
Section #4 Excel Spreadsheet
Mplus Analysis Syntax #2
Mplus Analysis Output #2
53:45-4:30Assessment of Model Fit in DCMs
Section #5 Slides
All Zipped Folder of All Files