DCM Workshop: NCME 2014

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Diagnostic Measurement: Theory, Methods, and Applications
National Council on Measurement in Education Conference, April 2014
Instructors:Dr. Laine BradshawDr. Jonathan Templin
Email: laineb@uga.edu jtemplin@ku.edu
Time:Wednesday, 4/2/2014, 8am-5pmLocation:Philadelphia Loews Hotel: Commonwealth A, DD
Schedule of Course Topics
SectionTimeCourse Materials
18:15-9:45Diagnostic Measurement Introduction
Section #1 Slides
210:00-11:45Theoretical Framework for DCMs
Section #2 Slides
31:00-2:30DCMs in Practice
Section #3 Slides
Section #3 Handout
SAS Macro File (save to disk as is)
SAS Macro Example File (edit to your analysis specifications)
Tutoral for SAS Macro (by Daniel Jurich of James Madison University)
DTMR Demo Data File (simulated data based on real results)
DTMR Demo Mplus Input File
DTMR Demo Mplus Output File
42:45-3:45DCM Structural Models
Section #4 Slides
Section #4 Excel Spreadsheet
Section #4 SAS Structural Model Analysis File
53:45-4:45Questions and Topics for Discussion
Section #5 Slides
All Zipped Folder of All Files