Advanced Computing Facility Supercomputer Information

The University of Kansas (KU) Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) operates and maintains a community supercomputing cluster that can be used for research purposes. This post archives information I have created and culled from various sources to help new users access the ACF supercomputer.

Documentation and Video Explanation

ACF Websites


Loading Programs for Interactive Use

  • To list all programs use command: module avail
  • To load a program use command: module [program name]
    • R 3.1.0: module R/3.1.0
    • SAS 9.4: module SAS/9.4
    • Stata 13: module stata/13
    • Mplus 7.2 (limited users): no module needed, run from /tools/cluster/6.2/mplus/7.2_combo
  • Open the program by using the program executable name:
    • R 3.1.0 interactive: R
    • R 3.1.0 script: Rscript
    • SAS 9.4: sas
    • Stata 13: stata
    • Mplus 7.2: mplus

Example for Submitting a Job

This example shows how to submit a job that will run a simulation script in R that generates data from a three parameter logistic item response model and then runs a script in SAS that uses PROC IRT to analyze the simulated data.

1. Download the following files:

2. Upload all three files to your ACF home directory using the SSH file transfer window

3. In the SSH terminal window type “qsub example_job.txt”

4. When the job finishes, you will receive an email. At that point, refresh your home directory. You should see the following files: